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Independent Financial Advice

The decisions you make whilst planning and approaching your retirement will be some of the most significant in your lifetime. The options available to you can be complex; independent advice can help ensure that the choices you make are right for you and support your objectives for retirement.

The Pensions Freedom Act, introduced in April 2015, brought flexibility and choices to retirement – but with choices comes questions. Should I take my tax-free cash? Do I need a secure income for life? Can I access my pension when I need to? My Pension Expert aim to answer your questions and explain all the options available to you.

Advice is at the heart of everything we do, which is why each and every client receives full advice from one of our independent regulated financial advisers.

Value of Advice

The value of independent financial advice can be measured in two ways. The first, and maybe the most obvious, is the performance or outcome of the recommendation. The second, importantly, is the level of service you receive and the peace of mind gained from knowing that the decisions you make are right for your circumstances and objectives.

Taking Responsibility

As regulated, independent advisers, My Pension Expert takes full responsibility for the advice we give to our clients. Unlike a non-advised retirement route, in the highly unlikely event that we make a mistake and recommend a solution which isn’t appropriate for you, you are protected if you suffer financial loss as a result.

Making the Complex Straightforward

The role of a financial adviser is not only to make a recommendation to their client but to ensure their clients fully understand the options available to them. This includes why the recommendation made is appropriate for their circumstances and objectives.

At My Pension Expert, our service is designed to take the stress out of your retirement planning – right through from understanding your options to completing the paperwork.

Better Financial Position

As your financial advocate, we act in your best interest. If moving your pension savings or investments to a new provider doesn’t place you in a better position, then we’ll tell you – free of charge.

When making a recommendation we carry out a full analysis of your current circumstances, including your existing pensions and investments, to ensure that you don’t lose any benefits which should be retained.