Fees and charges

At My Pension Expert, we want to provide a fair, comprehensive, and transparent service. That’s why fees are only ever applied once you’ve received and accepted our recommendation.

Your adviser will make sure that you fully understand the associated costs and how they will impact your pension and investments during your advice call. We also include all the relevant fees in the quotes and illustrations you will receive in your introduction pack, so any income, guaranteed maturity amounts, and any other estimations reflect what you’ll actually get. There won’t be any surprise costs added on later!

Below is a breakdown of all the costs and charges that could apply to you, but your adviser will highlight which are relevant and answer any questions you have during your advice call.

Our fees

To keep things simple, we only have two types of fees. These are taken as a percentage of your pension or savings, usually as part of the fund transfer.

Provider charges – drawdown and investments only

In addition to our service charges, the companies that manage and hold your investments will also charge a fee. Please note, these fees will vary depending on your provider.

Fund ChargeThis is an annual fee charged by the provider of your investment portfolio.
Platform ChargeThis is an annual charge paid to the platform used to manage your investments.
Discretionary Fund Management ChargeSimilar to our ongoing advice fee, this annual charge pays for the ongoing management of your fund by one of your provider’s dedicated fund managers.