Bill’s story

Bill from Great Yarmouth

When it came to finding the right financial adviser, Bill wasn’t sure where to start. Thankfully, a quick Google search delivered him to My Pension Expert’s website, which provided him with the easy-to-understand, jargon-free information he needed to begin his journey toward financial empowerment. So, he booked a convenient callback for himself.

Enter the Retirement Technicians at My Pension Expert, who explained all of Bill’s options and equipped him with quotes and illustrations, providing an insight into the income he might receive at retirement. We also conducted thorough pension checks on his current plans to make sure he wouldn’t lose any existing benefits if he moved to a new plan.

Once Bill had had time to review the options and felt comfortable in his understanding of them, his Retirement Technician booked him an appointment with one of our independent financial advisers, David Taylor.

The advice appointment

During his advice call with David, Bill was asked about his financial circumstances, including his current income and outgoings, as well as what he was looking to achieve from his pension, which was worth approximately £86,000.

One of Bill’s main objectives was to grow the fund further while maintaining control over access to the money should he need to in the future. During his call with David, they discussed the different options available and how each would or wouldn’t support Bill in achieving his objectives. As Bill already had a secure income from a previous pension and his state pension to cover his living expenses, they were able to rule out the need for a conventional annuity.

Based on their conversations and a thorough assessment of Bill’s attitude to risk, David advised a Flexible Access Drawdown, which would provide a potential for growth and the flexibility to make changes that Bill was looking for. Together, they weighed the merits and risks of this approach, with David ultimately recommending a model portfolio that best suited Bill’s preferences and circumstances.

Making the transfer

After choosing to proceed with David’s recommendation, Bill was introduced to William Humphreys, his dedicated Client Support Representative. William’s role was to manage Bill’s application and keep him updated on the progress, answering any questions that he may have had up until his transfer was completed and beyond.

Bill’s experience

Bill can’t recommend My Pension Expert enough; he’s found working with our team to be an exceptional experience. The convenience of receiving top-notch financial advice over the phone integrated seamlessly into his busy schedule, making the transition to retirement smooth and stress-free. 

And it hasn’t ended there – beyond unlocking the potential in Bill’s pension, My Pension Expert also empowered him to make informed decisions regarding his ISA investments.

So, what did Bill have to say in his review of My Pension Expert on Trustpilot?