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Changing the Pension World with Tech

We’re living in a world where technology affects all aspects of our lives, so there’s no surprise that the pension world is experiencing change too. The integration of technology is reshaping how pensions are managed and accessed. This promises a future where retirement planning is more secure, efficient and accessible for all.

Of course, technology changes so quickly that it can be hard to keep up. So, what is technology having an impact on?

Digital Platforms

One of the most significant changes brought by technology is the introduction of digital platforms. These online areas provide a user-friendly view so that you can monitor and manage your pension accounts in real-time. Mobile apps and online portals make it easier for pension holders to access their information and track their investments. These alongside financial advice allows for more informed decisions to be made with retirement savings! Digital platforms can also assist in the communication between pension providers. Notifications, updates and important documents can all be shared easily, reducing paperwork and streamlining the admin process.

Pension Calculators

Pension calculators can show a personalised financial snapshot, and a view of your retirement prospects. By imputing your key information, such as your current pension fund, contributions and hopeful retirement age, you can instantly see an expected future pension income. These tools are a brilliant starting point for understanding where you stand financially and how spending decisions today could impact your retirement lifestyle. Luckily for you, My Pension Expert have a calculator of our own to start you on your planning process.

The World Wide Web

The internet has emerged as a powerful tool, because not only can you watch videos of cats doing strange things, but it’s also an amazing way of raising awareness of pension planning. The web offers a space where complex financial topics, like pensions, can be broken down into easy to understand and shareable chunks. These platforms can also be a great way of staying up to date with changes within pensions and investment trends as they allow for real-time news to be shared. Infographics, short videos and small posts can convey key concepts without overwhelming the reader with technical jargon, and also make it fun! However, remember to check that the sources are reliable and the information given is legitimate and accurate. You can check using a few simple steps. Follow this link for more information.


Tech innovations are breaking down barriers for accessibility. From the convenience of online account management tools to easy to digest information, pensions have never been easier to engage with. And whilst the online world continues to grow, an independent financial adviser needn’t be further than a  telephone call away to take a deeper look into your financial situation and show you how you can achieve your retirement dreams. For example, at My Pension Expert, we are mostly telephone based, so we are able to offer tailored, expert advice regardless of where you are within the UK. Indeed, our clients can book a phone-call at a time convenient for them, without needing to leave the house, or wait around for an adviser to arrive!

The future

With tech innovations, the future of pensions is looking bright. Although the government’s Pension Dashboard has been delayed until October 2026, there’s still a variety of ways to unlock your pension potential.

Whilst not new, Independent Financial Advisers can guide you through the endless forms and information about retirement finance products, so you can focus the things that matter to you. Speaking to one of our friendly and knowledgeable advisers can ensure that you receive impartial advice, focusing on your best interests and a retirement you can be excited for.