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Christmas Activities for All

The holiday season is a time of joy, warmth, and togetherness, making it the perfect opportunity to create lasting memories. And whether you’re in retirement, or simply enjoying some time away from work, you’ve certainly earned the right to have some fun and enjoy some memorable activities.

Whether you want to be hands-on and crafty or laid back, watching the season’s festivities, Christmas is the perfect time to try a new activity.

Getting Crafty

While Christmas is notorious for buying gifts and spending money, it’s also the perfect time to get crafty. Why not try making this year’s gifts rather than spending a small fortune?

Creating personalised gifts can be a brilliant way to really show loved ones how much you’ve thought about them! You don’t have to be a knitting nanna making jumpers however, making an ornament or painting a picture can be fun for you and a present for them.

Of course, you don’t have to give it all away. There are festive wreath-making classes and craft sessions in local community centres that will show you how to spruce up your home and express your creativity.

‘Tis the Season (for Baking)

Of course, being creative doesn’t stop at arts and crafts. Baking and decorating cookies are a great way to have fun and even connect with friends and family. Cookies are easy to make and relatively inexpensive to gather the ingredients you’ll need. You can start simple with a chocolate chip or really impress your winter guests with your own gingerbread men.

Bring your friends and family together by having a decorating contest! Store-bought cookies and gingerbread men will work well, not only resulting in delicious treats but also the joy of creating something together.

Mission Christmas

It’s very easy to get caught up in buying presents for loved ones – after all, this is one of the elements that makes Christmas so special. That said, sometimes, it can be a fulfilling activity to see how you can support local or national charities over the festive period.

For example, we at My Pension Expert are supporting Mission Christmas. Charities such as this one aim to bring children gifts who are at risk of waking up without any presents, as this is a luxury that some families simply cannot afford. Of course, there are plenty of other charities you can support, so do some research to find a cause that is meaningful to you.

Supporting charities is rewarding, especially at this time of year. Doing good for those who are in need doesn’t have to mean spending fortunes. It can be as easy as selecting gift aid as checking out when shopping online.

It’s behind you…Pantomime Season!

Oh yes, it is! Pantomimes and festive shows are brilliant for bringing some laughter into the holiday season. Not every show needs to be on the West End. Christmas is the time to support the local communities and schools by watching their festive shows and concerts, especially if you’re on a budget.

In recent years, illuminations and light shows have taken the world by storm throughout local villages. Attractions are using Christmas lights, interactive features, and projections to really bring to life, and light up the local area. They are a brilliant excuse to get out of the house (with plenty of layers) and be immersed in the magic of Christmas.

New Year (Financial) Resolutions

As Christmas approaches, so too does New Year. And this presents the perfect opportunity to consider financial plans for the new year.

Whether you’re looking forward to starting your retirement in 2024, or just considering your financial position for the coming year, we at My Pension Expert are here to support you. Are team of independent financial advisers are ready and waiting to review your current situation and help you to

The countdown to Christmas is truly underway; and we hope you’re got plenty of fun activities planned. And remember, if you do take the festive period as an opportunity to plan financially for 2024, we at My Pension Expert are always here to support!