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What’s Your Perfect Holiday?

Retirement comes with many perks. From spending quality time with friends and family to finally picking up that hobby you’ve always had an interest in. 

However, one of the major perks of retirement – and perhaps our favourite one – is the fact you can go on holiday whenever you want! 

And many people do just that. Research conducted by InsureMyTrip found that the majority (62%) of people aged 50 and over planned to take a holiday at least one holiday in 2023.

And luckily, there are plenty of holiday options for retirees. The biggest dilemma is deciding which type of holiday you want!

Sun Worshipper

For some, a holiday is all about doing absolutely nothing and recharging your batteries. And nothing could be finer than soaking up the sun on a beach – especially during cold winter months. 

And luckily, you’re never short of beach holiday options. Whether you want to stay closer to home and explore European coastlines, or travel further afield to the Caribbean (to name one example), there’s an opportunity to enjoy the sun all year round!

City Slicker

Love the hustle and bustle of city streets? Whether you’re fancying a romantic getaway to Paris, touring the ruins of Rome, or enjoying tapas in Barcelona, there are plenty of reasonably priced, and accessible cities across Europe where retirees can enjoy. 

From Museums, tour buses, and art galleries to relaxing cafes and shopping districts, city breaks needn’t be the busy, exhausting holiday many assume. Instead, you can take it at your own base. Although it’s always worth remembering to check city gradients. Porto, for example, whilst beautiful, is extremely steep! 

Captain of the Cruise

Keen to see several places at once but without the flight stress? A cruise could be ideal for you! 

River cruises could be a great opportunity to see both the glorious country sights and fascinating cities. Cruises tend to offer their own tours or offer to organise a tour on your behalf, so you don’t have to make your own way about the city. 

Plus there’s plenty of entertainment onboard – such as singers, bars, restaurants, and even spas – to keep you busy if you don’t fancy leaving the boat for a day.

Staycation Steady

Long-distance travel not floating your boat? A staycation could be just the trick! 

Whether you’re in a cosy cottage in the lake district, or enjoying the summer sun in Cornwall, there are plenty of UK destinations that can be softer on the budget, and with no need to worry about forgetting passports. 

And sometimes there’s nothing finer than exploring the UK and finding some hidden gems, away from the usual tourist traps. 

Affording the Dream

Whatever style of Holiday you prefer, we at My Pension Expert are here to make sure you don’t need to compromise in your retirement. After all, you’ve worked hard throughout your career – you deserve to enjoy yourself.

And we want to help you do just that. This is why we always make sure we understand what you think is the most important in retirement. If, for example, you want to make sure you’re able to go on at least one holiday a year, abroad or at home, we will make sure it is factored into your plans so that all you have to worry about is where you want to go. 

 Whatever you value in retirement, My Pension Expert are here to help – and help you enjoy some well-deserved YOU time.