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Pension investments: they’re more accessible than you think

Thanks to the arrival of pension freedoms in 2015, individuals were given the choice to pursue less regimented retirement strategies, considering approaches beyond the traditional workplace or personal pension schemes. 

As such, many Britons have considered turning to investments as a fruitful option. Indeed, recent research from My Pension Expert revealed that over a quarter (26%) of UK adults approaching retirement age (40 – 54) intend to use pension investments to fund their retirement. 

However, despite their curiosity, a great number of people feel that they must conduct their own research to find the right investments for them, which can seem overwhelming. 

However, this needn’t be the case. My Pension Expert is here to help every step of the way.

Assessing client needs

When an individual decides to incorporate investments into their retirement strategy, it is not simply a case of reading the share prices of different businesses and making investments from there. While people are free to use this approach, it certainly isn’t advisable.

Instead, individuals should seek advice from an independent financial adviser. After all, investments come with risks, and jumping straight in without the help of an expert could increase this risk dramatically.

For example, when clients enquire about the investment proposition offered at My Pension Expert, our team of advisers consider an individual’s existing financial circumstances to assess their risk appetite – i.e. how much they are willing and able to lose, should investments go wrong. 

They will also assess individual investment preferences; for example, whether they would like to pursue passive funds which track a market index like the FTSE100, a market segment for a lower fund charge, or active funds which are more selective in which assets are bought and sold. Alternatively, clients may suit a blended approach, which creates a more diverse investment portfolio. 

From this assessment, an adviser can make suitable recommendations, which will enable clients to maximise their pension savings in accordance with their preferences and future retirement goals. 

Ongoing assistance

For most Britons, deciding which investments to make is just the beginning of the journey. Indeed, external factors may cause the value of shares to fluctuate, whilst alternative, potentially more lucrative investments may present themselves for consideration. 

So, at My Pension Expert, we are committed to providing our clients with ongoing advice to ensure that they achieve the best possible retirement outcome.

Clients receive annual reviews, which assess portfolio performances and allow for any strategy adjustments to be made. Additionally, clients are sent regular newsletters and factsheets to ensure that they can stay up to date with their money.

Investments have the potential to improve people’s pension savings dramatically, and they have never been more accessible to Britons. Provided they seek the right advice and carefully assess their needs, there is no reason why more and more people can’t explore their various investment options. 

Curious to find out more? Download My Pension Expert’s guide to pension investments here.