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Ongoing Advice Service

Whether you are considering a pension transfer, your retirement income options, or an investment, as a client of My Pension Expert you will receive fully independent financial advice. If you choose Drawdown or one of our investment products then you will also receive an ongoing advice service.

Why do I need ongoing advice?

One of the greatest features of drawdown is it’s flexibility, allowing you to take control of your retirement and make changes to your plan such as your level of income, payment frequencies and investments. However, with this flexibility comes the need for ongoing advice, if not how do you know that a change you are looking to make is the right thing to do?

In a fast-moving world, your circumstances can change and with it so can your objectives and attitude to risk. Receiving ongoing advice offers you the peace of mind that the decision you make today continues to be the right one for your pension or investment.

What’s included?

As a drawdown client, you’ll enjoy the following as part of your ongoing advice service:

  • Year-round access to an IFA and Client Support to answer your questions.
  • An annual review with an IFA to refresh your advice and make any required changes.
  • Regular news and performance updates through our client newsletter.
  • Access to exclusive content and videos. 

How much does it cost?

At My Pension Expert, our first priority is the outcome for you, our client. Unlike some advisers, we have no other ad-hoc charges, we won’t charge you extra for making a withdrawal or changing your investments. Instead, you’ll pay a simple ongoing advice fee of just 0.95%.

Advice is at the heart of everything we do which is why we’ve worked hard to offer a competitive, yet comprehensive, ongoing advice service for our clients.