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September 15th 2017 Is Pensions Awareness Day!


Weigh up your options to make your pension pay.

Pension Awareness Day stresses the importance of saving for the future to younger generations who are predicted to face pension poverty unless they take their finances seriously.

And it’s not just the national initiative putting pensions under the spotlight.

In recent years, we’ve seen the introduction of pension freedoms, which has enabled people to choose what they do with their pension pot, the government has introduced auto-enrollment and ongoing concerns over rising retirement ages continue to hit the headlines.

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But if you’ve already saved for your future, how can you make the most of your income today? 

Whatever stage of life you’re at, My Pension Expert echoes this message of taking pensions seriously and is urging people preparing to enter retirement to take action – sooner rather than later.

According to a recent ONS report, today’s pensioners are almost three times better off than their parents 40 years ago, so there is some positive news and a stark comparison to the predicted financial futures of younger generations.

However, with today’s uncertain financial times intensified by the political climate across the worldover the past year, soon-to-be retirees can be worried about the potential impact on their future finances.

That’s why we recommend starting with seeking professional advice to weigh up your options.

At My Pension Expert, every day is Pension Awareness Day because we work with our customers approaching retirement to first understand the best products available, then help them to choose the right one, to fit theirpersonal circumstances.

Our advice is completely independent – we’renot tied to any specific pension providers but work with the whole of the market, meaning we can access preferential rates to ensure you get the best on the market to make the most of your funds.

What’s more, we will do all the shopping around for you using our unique technology to make the process as stress and hassle-free as possible.


So, are you ready for your own Pension Awareness Day? Call one of our friendly Retirement Technicians free today on 0800 6899 335 to weigh up your options and secure the best financial future.