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Risk and Reward

When considering an investment product, such as a Stocks & Shares ISA or General Investment Account, it is important that you understand and are comfortable with the level of risk your money is subject to.

At My Pension Expert, our independent advisers work with clients to help them understand what level of risk is appropriate for their circumstances and objectives. We have a range of portfolios made up of multi-asset funds to suit varying levels of risk and Smooth Managed Funds for those looking for a less volatile investor experience.

You can take peace of mind in the recommendation made by your adviser. It will always be in your best interest and in line with your attitude to risk and capacity for loss whilst delivering the growth potential for your objectives

Attitude to Risk

Your attitude to risk is how comfortable you are with taking investment. For example, you may consider yourself to be Adventurous with a focus given to the potential greater returns available.

Capacity For Loss

Your independent financial adviser will determine your capacity loss through an objective assessment of your ability to withstand a financial loss without having a negative impact on your standard of living or ability to meet your financial commitments.

It is important to consider both your attitude to risk and capacity for loss, as the two may not always align. You may have the ability to withstand a considerable financial loss, but not be willing to take such risk. Your independent financial adviser will determine both as part of the advice they give and use the information you have provided when making their recommendation.