Investment Charges

At My Pension Expert, we want to be sure that you receive value for money with our investment advice service. This
can only be achieved by using a fair, transparent, and easy to understand charging structure.

Why are there charges?

Throughout the process, your money is in safe hands, from experienced expert advisers, an investment platform backed
by household names, and hand-selected fund managers. The expertise involved comes at a cost, but one which is far outweighed by the potential returns of well-selected, appropriate investments.

What are the charges?

There are four charges to consider when reviewing your investments. Each charge is dependent on the amount you invest and where you choose to invest. Your independent financial adviser will explain the specific charges that apply to your choices, but an explanation of each is provided below.

Initial Advice Fee

My Pension Expert takes the initial advice fee for providing the advice and recommendation associated with your investments. This fee is a percentage based on your total fund and covers the time spent with your adviser assessing your circumstances, reviewing your options, and recommending an appropriate portfolio.