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General Investment Account

If you are looking to invest more than your ISA allowance, then you may wish to consider a General Investment Account (GIA) alongside a stocks and shares ISA.

Your GIA offers you access to the same portfolios as a stocks and shares ISA, and there is no limit to how much you can invest on an annual basis. However, unlike an ISA, interest you receive from your investments is taxable; the exact amount of tax you pay is dependent on your circumstances.

Why choose a General Investment Account?

Easy Access

With a GIA you have easy access to deposit and withdraw funds from your account as required. Withdrawing funds prematurely may reduce your potential returns. However, your independent financial adviser is on hand to help with such decisions.

Fair & Transparent Charges

You’ll pay a transparent and straightforward charge for your investments, made clear to you upfront. We guarantee no hidden additional charges if you make changes or withdrawals.


As a My Pension Expert client, you have access to multi-asset portfolios recommended by our experts to offer you the right level of diversification and growth potential to suit your attitude to risk and capacity for loss.

Online Access

You can manage your General Investment Account through an easy to use online portal, providing access to view your investments, make changes and withdrawals 24/7.

How will I be taxed?

The exact amount of Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax you need to pay is dependent on your circumstances. Any interest you receive from your investments will be paid to you gross, meaning no tax deductions will be made. You will need to settle any tax liability direct with HMRC.

Your independent financial adviser will discuss your tax position as part of their advice and make sure you do not pay any more tax than necessary. If you have an unused ISA allowance, you would likely benefit from using this first before investing with a GIA.