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Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

At My Pension Expert, we incorporate Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) in all aspects of our business, and constantly seek to improve this.


Carbon footprint

My Pension Expert's total carbon footprint is 246.5 tonnes CO e / Carbon intensity (tonnes CO/employees) = 2.9. We have also implemented a carbon-neutral policy.

National tree planting

We support our clients in offsetting their carbon footprint through contributions to a national tree planting scheme. As part of this scheme, we make a one-off donation on behalf of each client that invests in a sustainable portfolio.

Carbon Literacy

Alongside ensuring all our colleagues work in line with our environmental policies, we have also provided opportunities for colleagues to gain their Carbon Literacy Certification. This is part of the Carbon Literacy Project, which aims to improve awareness of the effect of carbon dioxide on the environment and how individuals and organisations can make practical changes to combat climate change.

My Pension Expert is also part of the Palatine Private Equity Peer-to-Peer ESG Network, which meets regularly to support ESG objective development across the organisations involved.


At My Pension Expert, we have put a range of resources in place to help our employees minimise their travel requirements.

  • Our employees do not travel to meet with clients.
  • We support remote working.
  • Where possible, the staff at My Pension Expert are encouraged to use public transport to travel to and from work, with an interest-free season ticket loan available to all of our employees.
  • For our employees who do travel to and from the office by car, we offer a discounted car-parking permit for those who choose to car share.
  • My Pension Expert supports the Cycle to Work scheme.

Office space

My Pension Expert occupies a single floor office space based in central Doncaster; therefore, our employees are not required to travel between offices and have easy access to public transport.

All energy supplied to the building is 40.4% renewable, and within our office space, the heating and AC system are maintained to work efficiently and at an optimum temperature to limit energy wastage.


At My Pension Expert, we are working hard to limit our paper usage. Where possible, we communicate with our clients and suppliers electronically.

All office paper has the Forest Stewardship Council (FSG) accreditation, meaning the paper has been sourced from sustainable forests.

All products ordered from our outsourced printers, InstantPrint, are fully recyclable and have FSG accreditation.

Courier service

For sending and receiving client documents that cannot be completed electronically, we use a secure courier service provided by DPD, who are also committed to providing a carbon-neutral service. DPD's carbon-neutral commitment is outlined within their environmental policy.


My Pension Expert operates a complete recycling scheme that ensures all waste is limited.

Third-party providers

As part of My Pension Expert's procurement process, we assess all our third-party provider's ESG policies and, where possible, we utilise online communication and e-signatures.


Staff Wellbeing & Development

As a part of an initiative to encourage staff to make healthier food choices, My Pension Expert has arranged for fresh fruit to be delivered to the office weekly by EatFruit. EatFruit operates eco-delivery, using carbon-neutral routes. They reuse their fruit delivery crates (or send fully recyclable ones that feature eco-friendly ink) and source as much fruit from the UK or Western Europe as possible to minimise their carbon footprint. EatFruit also donates any waste or excess fruit to a network of local food banks.

One of the crucial parts of our business that helps drive us forward is our employees, and we are constantly working to help them develop their roles within the business. We offer our employees training and sponsorship to help them develop their skills further through our education initiative, My Academy.

Health & Safety

When our employees join My Pension Expert, they undergo a health and safety assessment.

Our health and safety policy is reviewed annually and readily available to employees

Diversity & Inclusion

At My Pension Expert, we promote diversity and inclusion and avoid discrimination within the workplace. With a 55% to 45% male to female cohort and a 50/50 ratio within our management team, we aim to increase diversity and equality.

Community Relationships

Since 2019, St John's Hospice Doncaster has been the official charity of My Pension Expert. Staff raise funds throughout the year with regular charity events.

My Pension Expert also connects with our local community through a technology scheme. As we start to replace our IT hardware that is no longer fit for business purposes, we donate them to a local charity, Laptop for Kids Doncaster.

My Pension Expert also works to sponsor a range of events and personalities, helping us connect with and support communities across the UK.


Governance & Leadership

My Pension Expert appoints boards with a diverse mix of gender, skills, experience, and competency.

Remuneration structures are aligned to the delivery of company strategy and long-term performance.

Here at My Pension Expert, we recognise that attracting, developing, and retaining talent contributes to the business's success and, where possible, will always seek to promote colleagues internally.

ESG Monitoring

At My Pension Expert, our employees understand the importance of ESG and receive advice and guidance to help them incorporate it into their roles and across the business.

My Pension Expert is constantly seeking to improve ESG. As such, it is closely monitored and discussed at each quarterly Executive Board.