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Drawdown Calculator

How could drawdown work for you?

When you reach the age of 55, you have the option of transferring your pension into a drawdown plan. With drawdown, you're in control of how much income you take and how you access your tax-free cash (usually up to 25% of the full pot). Any remaining funds are invested for future growth potential.

Our pension drawdown calculator can help you visualise how much income you could take from your pension pot with drawdown, and how factors like fund charges, tax-free cash allocation, and performance could affect your pension's sustainability.

Fill in the details below to see how your retirement could look!

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Understanding your forecast

Based on the information you provide, the chart generated shows how long you could expect your fund to last, identifying how much of the fund would remain at the end of each year. It also assumes that your tax-free cash is taken at the start of the plan. Each line represents a different level of growth, to give you an idea of how performance could affect the sustainability of the fund.

Your results are based on a number of assumptions, primarily that your full fund remaining after your tax-free cash has been withdrawn is invested, and that your income, growth, and fund charges remain the same throughout the life of your plan.

For a personalised illustration and advice on the retirement solution that will best suit your circumstances, speak to our team.

Other assumptions

This illustration uses some assumptions that may not match your individual circumstances, so your fund could run out sooner or later than indicated. Therefore, we'd recommend you seek tailored advice for an illustration that more accurately reflects your situation. The illustrations in this calculator should not be considered advice or a personal recommendation.