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Annuity Rates

Annuity rates, in general, vary from one person to the next, based on a series of different factors – factors such as your Age, your Gender, your Height, your Weight, where you Live, your Lifestyle and your Health Condition.

Woman with £100k pot, not taking 25% tax-free cash allowance. 55 Years Old 60 Years Old 65 Years Old 70 Years Old
Single Life (SL) – No Death Benefits £4,387.32 £4,885.08 £5,685.84 £6,558.48
SL – 5 Year Guarantee £4,380.72 £4,876.44 £5,666.28 £6,520.92
SL – 5 Year Guarantee (RPI Linked) £2,215.44 £2,730.96 £3,531.00 £4,404.36
SL – 3% Escalation Rate 5 Year Guarantee £2,773.92 £3,196.68 £4,010.04 £4,884.36
Joint Life – 50% Spousal Cover £4,173.12 £4,615.68 £5,179.68 £5,858.88
  • Annuity providers take all of these unique factors into consideration before quoting you a specific annuity rate based on your individual circumstances.
  • Annuity rates will also vary across providers and so it is important you shop around (which we do as part of our free quote service)
  • On top of these personal factors, your annuity rate and level of income can be affected by the type of annuity you select.

Here are some examples:

  1. Lifetime Annuities (Level/Escalating/Single Life/Joint Life)
  2. Enhanced Annuities (Could pay you up to 42% extra income*)
  3. Investment Linked Annuities
  4. Fixed Term Annuities

Our latest annuity rates table above is based on rates quoted at the beginning of the month across our panel of lenders for a woman living in Doncaster. She is 5ft 5 and weighs 10st 7, is physically fit and has no health conditions.

The joint life quotation is based on her partner being 6ft and weighing 12st 2.