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Presenting My Pension Hub!

We’ve got some incredibly exciting news! My Pension Expert have officially embarked on a year of innovation, with the launch of our new platform, My Pension Hub.

What is My Pension Hub?

My Pension Hub is our new Pension Application Tracker!

Whilst we work incredibly hard to keep our clients informed throughout every step of their journey, The team at My Pension Expert are always thinking of ways we can make the process a bit more efficient and transparent for our clients.

So, we’ve built our online pension application tracker to provide clients with a clear timeline of the pension fund transfer process so they can see exactly where their money is at all times.

How it works

Once clients have had their appointment with one of our independent financial advisers, and have chosen to accept their recommendations, they’ll be sent an application pack to read over, sign and send back to MPE (and of course, we can assist with the delivery by booking a collection if clients request it!).

Once we have the application back with us, we’ll send email confirmation of the receipt and an invitation to set up you My Pension Hub profile!

Once our clients have logged onto, My Pension Hub, they will have access to an online pension tracker, which will show them where their pension is in the process in real time. The tracker also offers helpful videos and explainers to help clients understand the different stages of the process and what it means to them.

When there’s been a change in their status, clients will receive a notification via text and email to let them know that they’ve moved along the tracker, so you’ll know exactly where your money is at all times. Better yet, My Pension Hub is accessible on desktop and mobile, so you can check in on your pension application status, any time, any place.

There’s also plenty of content to keep you entertained on our dashboard, in case you want to update yourself with the latest pension news or industry updates.

And we’re not stopping there, we’re making our whole website accessibility friendly. With the help of UserWay, we now have a whole host of accessibility tools from a screen reader to dyslexia friendly fonts, all at the touch of a button. Pensions are for everyone, and so is our content!

Keeping in Touch

Online platforms, such as our own, are playing a pivotal role in making pensions more accessible for everyone. Of course, regardless of what technology is available, you can always speak to a member of our team. In fact, it’s easier than ever! My Pension Hub allows for direct contact with your Client Support Representative through messenger or request a call back within 24 hours.

What’s next for My Pension Hub

This launch is just one part of what we like to call My Pension Expert’s year of innovation. We’re going to build on the brilliant work the team have done to improve our clients’ experience to create a more engaging retirement journey. From the first time a person contacts us, all the way through the process and right through to our ongoing client experience.

We can’t wait to keep you updated throughout our innovation journey. Watch this space!