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Introducing My Will Expert

Jo Hudspeth
Marketing and Communications Manager

Nobody likes to think about death, let alone the necessary preparations to consider in the event of one’s death.

This is understandable. Discussing death with loved ones can be upsetting, whilst the idea of splitting up one’s assets – from investments and savings to more sentimental possessions – can be emotional and complicated. It is little wonder, therefore, that so many people are reluctant to begin this process, with the majority (59%) of Britons currently having no Will in place.

However, this approach may be problematic for loved ones later down the line. For example, if someone were to die unexpectedly without a Will in place, their possessions are subject to intestacy laws. This means that their assets can only be shared between close family, such as parents, a spouse, siblings, and children – unmarried partners would be overlooked in the process, even if the deceased intended to leave them certain belongings.

Such circumstances can cause a great deal of stress and upset amongst loved ones, and creating a Will as soon as possible is the only real method to counteract this. However, for some, the process may appear too complex, so they don’t know where to start.

Meeting client needs

Evidently, there is a need for consumer guidance when it comes to kickstarting the Will writing process. And to meet this demand, My Pension Expert has recently launched a new Will writing service, My Will Expert!

The mission of My Will Expert is simple: to encourage more customers to get their affairs in order and achieve peace of mind for themselves, as well as their loved ones.

The service grants clients access to our in-house team of professional Will writers – all of whom have qualified with The Society of Will Writers – enabling those at or approaching retirement age to take control of their financial affairs by creating a Will or updating their existing one.

My Will Expert services

My Will Expert offers two core services: Family and Estate Will writing and Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). The former will help clients to organise their estate, while the latter authorises the delegation of healthcare, financial, and property decisions should they become incapable of making said decisions themselves.

What’s more, My Will Expert provides clients with a trust writing service for those who wish to make arrangements that cannot be achieved in a standard Will. This will empower clients to protect their property and their cash assets or investments after their death. Additional services also include document validation, severing of tenancy, and document storage.

Whatever service our clients decide to use, we aim to ensure that it will be efficient and transparent, thereby removing any uncertainty and unease they may be feeling. It truly is a service matching the quality of our retirement advice offerings.

Will writing can be incredibly complicated and, at times, stressful. However, Britons needn’t feel that they must muddle through the process alone or even put it off until the last minute. By making use of My Will Expert’s services, consumers will be able to get their affairs in order and achieve peace of mind.

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