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Spring into Retirement

There are many theories about the origin of ‘spring cleaning’.  More than this writer realised anyway! With a little bit of online digging and with a fair amount of help from Wikipedia here are a few suggests:

1. Tradition suggests the Persian New Year, ‘Nowruk’, which usually falls on the 21st March includes the ‘shaking of the house’. Essentially a mass clean.

2. But then there is ‘Passover’ – where Egyptians remember the plight of their ancestors; the Israelite’s. Passover is perhaps recognised for the giving up of any food which includes Yeast. It also asks that any trace of Yeast is removed from the home- therefore a ‘spring clean’ ensues.

3. Another religious reference is that of the Catholic Church. Immediately before or in the first week of Lent its traditional to embark on a mighty spring clean of the home- a practice that still takes place in Greece and other Orthodox countries to this day.

4. But then maybe it’s just the weather? In certain parts of North America and Europe, before electrical appliances were invented it was normal at this time of the year to open up the windows and doors and let nature take its course. I.e. blow the dust and dirt away from our cluttered homes.

Whatever the origin may be Spring Cleaning is a practice we all generally commit to and one we tend to do a little more often than once a year.

So, what defines a spring clean in your household?

Is it simply getting your hands dirty? Or that first tip run of the year? Cleaning the skirting boards, bleeding the radiators; perhaps simply removing the clutter from ‘that’ cupboard that you are often scared to open?

Or could it be the ‘start of something bigger’-  maybe removing the clutter from the back of your mind.  Should I retire now? Next year? Reduce my hours? Or carry on as I am. Getting advice about your pension options is certainly a healthy way of spring cleaning one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. At the very least you will get some peace of mind.