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When Can I Retire?Your guide to retiring

For most people in the UK the normal age at which pension benefits can be taken is 55 unless under a specialist profession such as a professional footballer.


In terms of full retirement however this has now changed depending on an individual’s age and sex and is When to Retirecurrently between 61 and 68, although as time goes by this will be the same for everyone.


The government's website provides a very useful tool where individuals can calculate their pension age and even their bus pass date. Click the link below for more information:

To claim state pension a retiree can claim online through the site by clicking the link below:


How Much State Pension am I entitled to?

Planning ahead and budgeting for retirement should start early and not left to the last minute as this leaves little time to make alternative plans in the event of a an unexpected short fall in retirement income expectation.


Future retirees can calculate how much to expect from the State Pension by using the State Pension Calculator:


To achieve an accurate pension forecast retirees can complete a BR19 form

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