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I Have a Quote, What Now?After receiving your quote, what happens next?

Once the decision has been made about the right investment and income payment death benefits etc. it's over to our outstanding team of professionals at My Pension Expert who have been rated "Excellent" by our customers through the independent review site TrustPilot.

We Check for the Pit Falls!

My Pension Expert will ensure that there are no special terms written into your existing pension plan that could have been written in the small print of your policy.


We check for Guaranteed Annuity Rates (GAR's) which could entitle you to a much better rate with your existing pension company.


We also check for other special features like Guaranteed Minimum Pension (GMP). This guarantees of a set value of pension fund at a set age and enhanced entitlement to tax free cash where over 25% of the fund can be taken.

We also check for transfer penalties or Market Value Reductions (MVR) which can affect the value of your funds being used to buy your annuity.

We ask all the relevant questions and talk to each and every one of the pension companies which hold your funds.


We complete all the paper work

Our dedicated professionals will complete all the paperwork and deal with both your existing pension company(s) and the new annuity company to ensure the whole process is as simple as possible.


Then just sit back and our dedicated admin team will ensure that you have regular updates on the progress of the annuity and that your tax free cash and income is paid as soon as possible so you can start to enjoy your retirement.


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