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August 29th, 2012

Retiring abroad proving popular, reveals MGM Advantage

Annuity provider MGM Advantage has revealed the UK’s top overseas retirement locations, suggesting the ongoing trend to retire abroad is on the rise. At the top of the list came Spain, followed by France, Australia, Ireland and Cyprus.

August 28th, 2012

New regulations potentially harmful to annuity rates

The new regulations being implemented in the UK could have considerable implications on annuity rates, it has been discovered. Crucially, this could affect the overall retirement income of those considering retirement.

August 16th, 2012

Low income? Getting advice on annuities is key

Pensions minister Steve Webb recently proposed a process in which a pension fund would follow a worker as they moved from job to job. However it has recently been warned that workers with smaller pension funds could risk missing out on much needed annuity advice.

August 15th, 2012

Choose the death benefits carefully on your pension

Choose the death benefits carefully on your pension or the tax man could be your biggest beneficiary AFTER your loved ones say My Pension Expert.

August 14th, 2012

Men should get a move one with their annuity purchase say My Pension Expert

The end of this year will see the inequality of annuity rates disappear between the sexes meaning male annuity rates could be hit.

August 13th, 2012

More concern surrounding savings comes from retired women

A new study from Prudential has stated that women are concerned that they will not have enough funds to last them throughout their retirement.

August 12th, 2012

Ready for retirement? UK adults spend the least amount of time choosing a pension or annuity

As a society that continues to prosper and live longer, it is only so long before pension plans or annuities have to be considered. However, according to a recent study from MetLife, on average people spend only 7 days choosing a pension or annuity.

August 11th, 2012

There is an alternative to capped drawdown and annuities

Retirement providers MGM Advantage have revealed that the main concern for retired clients, who use income drawdown, was the drop in their income following recent reviews.

August 10h, 2012

Many oblivious to higher pension income entitlement due to medical conditions

Retirement advisors MGM Advantage have revealed that 60% of people aged 55 and over could potentially, due to having medical conditions that would qualify them for it, get an enhanced annuity. However, 72% said they were oblivious to the fact that lifestyle choices or certain medical conditions could allow them to be eligible for a greater retirement income.

August 9th, 2012

Fixed term annuities growth leads to FTAs becoming a more viable option for retirees

More and more retirees are turning to fixed-term annuities as they look to combine income certainty with financial adjustability according to Just Retirement.

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