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Case Studies Examples of How We Help At Retirement

  • Things We Helped Brian With

    Our Expertise..
    • Collecting relevant health and lifestyle Information
    • Tailoring the right product to Brian's circumstances
    • Obtaining the best possible quote from all providers
    • Completing all paperwork on Brian's behalf

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    Lifestyle and how it impacts your annuity

    Lifestyle can have a massive impact on the amount of annuity you receive. This is why it is so important to disclose as much information about smoking, drinking or any other lifestyle factors that can significantly increase the amount yor receive from your annuity.

    We helped Brian get an extra 26.36%* income for the rest of his life by asking further information about his weight, where he lives, his occupation and how much he smokes each day.



    Overweight (Brian is 5’6 and his weight is 22.2 stone)

    Where you live and occupation (Brian is a taxi driver in Middlesbrough) + 10 cigarettes/day (Brian smokes 10 cigarettes per day)

    26.36% Extra income for LIFE!

    *The difference in occupation and post code are compared to John being an accountant from Doncaster.

    *Based on male age 65, single life, level, 5 year guarantee paid monthly in advance, Source  - the Exchange, August 2013.






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